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In my last post about getting on Google, I posted it before I was finished writing it something came up, anyway I'm back to post more. In the meantime I had a good comment for the last post.

In the comment he referred to an SEO business he had found that that had given him an affordable price, and touched base daily.

I'll look at affordable prices first, affordable is a relative term, what I consider affordable you may consider cheap, what you consider affordable, I may consider cheap. I have given quotes from $100 a month, to $11,000 a month, it goes without saying that the progress is slower for $100 a month. And $11,000 a month is almost a full time job. Getting on Google could be a lot less or a lot more expensive than you would think.

I always ask a client to give me some sort of idea what their budget is, as it's no good giving a quote for $11,000 or even $1000 a month if their budget is only $250 a month. It's far less time consuming to just make the quote for what is in their price range. So if you want to Get on Google, use the contact details below, give me an idea of your budget, and I'll see what I can do for your business website within the budget you have given.

It might be of interest, that the client that is paying $11,000 doesn't even reply to my emails tell him how well his site is doing each month, whereas the client that's paying $250 a month, writes most days to tell me how many sales she has had, and what is generally happening with the business.

Contact me at and discuss your requirements if you want to be getting on Google with your website.

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