Google Sitemap & Yahoo Sitemap how much should they cost

One of my clients emailed me this morning, upset that this SEO place in Washington had emailed him saying he needed a Google Sitemap & Yahoo Sitemap, and they offered the service of making them and doing the initial registration. They are charging something like $375 for this service of making a google sitemap and a yahoo sitemap and registraion this should cost about $50.

To make a google or yahoo site map takes not more than 5 minutes, theres a program you can run that collects all the urls on your website, and the registration should be done by the owner of the website, or a trusted SEO, because that gives the person that did the registration access to confidential information about your website.

This doing the registration for you particularly concerns me, becasue with a google site map in particular the information google is now offering is pretty outstanding. It's telling you how many searches your site is appearing, and how your site ranked in these searches.

So really with this type "professional" that uses "Indian SEO type client finding techniques" who's making you pay for $375 for something that should cost about $50 at most, and this person would have access to your website statistics, and therefore could get in touch again, saying, oh you really need this type or that type of SEO done, probably link building, and looking at their site I see they charge $3500-$3000 per month for a link building campaign, thats pretty good pay for one link building tech, I don't charge anything like that for a monthly SEO campaign.

A website can never have enough links to it, never, but there does come a time when the site has enough to go one with, and people start emailing you and asking for links, thats when I stop doing links, becuase the job is time consuming and getting one good link can take hours out of a monthly SEO campaign.

I offer link building as part of my monthly seo packages. Sure I wouldn't give you hundreds of one way links or recip links, but google get's suspicious when a lot of links appear to a website all of a sudden, it's better to have say 10 good links rather than 500 crappy ones a month.

Anyway, just be careful if you get an email from this place in Washington or anywhere, thats offering Google SiteMaps and Yahoo Sitemaps for $375, the aren't offering anything except a way to get more seo work from you for themselves. In fact, they would do well to actually offer this service free, considering the information they would then have about your website.

I'll paste the email they sent below, so hopefully you will do a search and find this blog post, before getting caught up in this scam, obviously I changed the links in the email.

As I was on this morning, I was unable to locate a "Google Sitemap file" on your website.

I am not referring to a regular "site map" for people to visit online, but rather to a script which helps Google to read and index your website's overall content. I advise you to visit us online where we explain clearly what a "Google Sitemap file" is and what you need to do to get one: http://www.ripoffseoGoogle and

A Sitemap file is a "code" placed in the root directory of your website which captures all the crucial information about your website, thus facilitating the crawling and indexing process for Google.

Give Google easier access to your site: Get a Google Sitemap file!

We offer a full turnkey service, including Google and Yahoo Sitemap files creation + registration. Visit us online for more details.


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