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Web site Builders, or people that build websites usually refer to themselves as web site designers, yet actually this isn't strictly correct, there are several steps to building a web site, and web design, and web site building are two very different steps.

Web Design = Designing what the website will look like, the banner, where the menu's will be, how the page will be laid out, again the look of a website. This is often done by the web designer making pictures of various pages, and showing the client to get their approval.
You should not judge a web site designers abilities, by the sites they have in their portfolios, as often they build attractive design, and the owner wants some quite different, I haven't ever met a web site designer, that has not left many debsite designs out of their portfolio, because of the owners input, making the site unattractive.

Website Builders = They take the website design and make it work, this is also called web development or website development, but generally what they do is build the design into a website. Most of the very best website builders, don't have good website design skills and neither web designers or website builders are very good with people, well they are, but tend to be a bit geeky, and tend to only speak in geekspeak.

Canz Design, Website Design & Web Building Company, based in Hillcrest San Design, and works with clients worldwide.

I'm part owner of Canz Design, but don't have anything to do with website design or building, apart from giving my opinion, I leave that to the experts, I specialize in making websites findable in search engines using the techniques generally known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

I also work with clients when the aren't sure what they need in a website, the just know they need a website, I listen to what they want, and explain how that might happen, giving them options, and my opinion of the best way to acheive their requirements. I have a nack for thinking outside the square, and think laterally and horozontally when required.
The often say that with my help, they don't feel like an idiot when then replying to the design, and builder who tend to be a bit geeky.
I often get urgent emails or phone calls, when our clients start working with the design or website building person asking what something or other means.

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