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If you do a search for the two words Click Here in google and probably all search engines, the adobe pdf reader download page will rank #1.

Yet no where on the actual page are the words click here mentioned. So how does it rank #1.

How indeed.... it's from the millions of websites that tell people to Click Here to download the PDF reader.

This just shows how links to your site, or the words in those links can rank your site for keyword that aren't even mentioned in the conventional places on a well optimized website.

The problem of cause is how many links you would have to have around the internet to rank well for any set phrase.

But for instance if I link to Best SEO in San Diego or San Diego's best SEO and then have those words in the conventional places a well optimized website has it's keywords, the number of times you have to have links containing the keywords, must be less. I don't know how many links using your keywords you might need, it really does depend on each websites competition, and the pagerank and number of links they have, but it would be many 100 less links, don't you think.

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