Using Google Adwords vs SEO

SEO is used to get your website in general, ranking highly in Search Engines.

I say your website in general, since a good SEO will make sure that ever page on your website, would attract visitors in for different products and or services, since it's a well know fact that people searching for the same product or service will probably all search Google using different search phrases.

EG. I'm just starting with the optimization a website for a Dentist in Chula Vista, San Diego, CA but how would you search for his website? Or what would you put in the search engine to search. There are literally hundreds of ways it could be searched for. Think about it for a minute.

Dentist, Chula Vista
Dentist, Chula Vista, SD, CA
Dentist, Chula Vista, San Diego, CA
Dentist, Chula Vista, San Diego
Dentist Chula Vista, SD

Dentist in Chula Vista,
Dentist in Chula Vista, SD, CA
Dentist in Chula Vista, San Diego, CA
Dentist in Chula Vista, San Diego
Dentist in Chula Vista, SD

Dentist near Chula Vista,
Dentist near Chula Vista, SD, CA
Dentist near Chula Vista, San Diego, CA
Dentist near Chula Vista, San Diego
Dentist near Chula Vista, SD

Ok, thats 15 different ways, but hang on, what abut if you wanted a specific type of dentist like a family dentist Chula Vista, or a cosmetic dentist Chula Vista when you think about it, there are thousands and thousands of ways to search for a dentist...
and if you actually searched for all these phrases, one after the other, you would often find that the results would be different, depending on the words used, what order they were in, etc.

An SEO wannabe, which most people that say they can do optimization are, would only optimize your front or home page, so maybe your website would rank well for just 1 or 2 phrase, however a good SEO would get other pages working for you. Then SEO Guru's like me, I have every single page working for your website, each for different phrases, and use many techniques to make that happen.

Google Adwords
Google Adwords do have their place, I often suggest them when you have a new product or service you are offering and want people to know about it today, or for very very popular search phrases.
With a new Product or Service it could take a month or so to have the new page about it rank in the Search Engines highly enough to get clicks, or with very popular phrases, having google adwords, while I work on getting that page to rank higher.

It isn't hard, just time consuming, but since I'm disabled I spend my whole day at the computer, so I have the time and know what and how to get a website to work. That's why our Website Design San Diego website advertises Websites that Work.

We used to just build websites, but as I learn more about search engines, and how a website that wasn't Search Engine Optimized, it meant that the site owner had to pay so much money to have the website even found, eg. various types of printed advertising, online advertising, that I decided that it was better to optimise it as part of the price of the website, some clients decide not to have their sites worked on by me, but as yet, there hasn't been a client, that hasn't come back within a year, and asked me to do it.

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