Meta tags or No Meta tags

SEO professionals fall on different sides of the fence on this question, some believe meta tags are not required, as search engines don't use them.

This is not true, the truth is meta tags, especially the keyword meta tag has been used incorrectly, or spammed over the years, as have description meta tags,
or the meta tags are exactly the same on every page, which renders them useless.

Google has tried to overcome these badly written meta tags, so sites won't be so affected by them. However if a website has well thought out meta tags, they will always rank better in the SERP's if that is the only difference in the algorithm.

So if meta tags are used correctly, they work very well, adding precious keywords to your webpage and it's search engine algorithm.

I find it interesting that when I visit a website of an seo that says meta tags aren't of use anymore, often their own meta tags are badly written if they are there at all!!!

The problems with not witting meta tags is if the search engine has noting to read, it will read the first thing on the page, which is more often than not the menu, and you will get something like this showing up in the description in a search.....
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Do you really want you people searching for your website to see?

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