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Catering to Google when I do SEO on a website.

Always, when I do SEO on a website I cater to Google, and only to Google. Years ago I also used to work with yahoo, but found after a year of doing SEO for yahoo and Google equally, I found that the number of visitors to the site approximately 580 visitors came through Google searches to every 1 through yahoo. So I switched to spending all my time doing SEO for Google, and within 5 months visitors have quadrupled from Google.

Every now and again a client will insist on their site being optimized for Yahoo, and the stats have changed, now for every 500 searches finding the site using Google, between 3-10 visitors come through Yahoo.

Because I don't usually optimize for Yahoo, it doesn't mean that Yahoo doesn't pick up the site, often in fact Yahoo has indexed as many pages as Google has, but search results don't tend to be that high compared to google, unless of course you pay to have your pages indexed by yahoo then things change, but still not enough to warrant the cost, but the SEO I do for the main part, is done in a way that when I finish doing the SEO the sites owner doesn't have to keep paying for adverts everywhere, the results in Google will stay pretty much as they are as when I finish.

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