Indian SEO's You don't even get what you pay for

I have recently taken on yet another SEO job, from a business that was using an Indian SEO company.

The owner decided to change SEO, because he found a website that shows where the website visitors are coming to your website from, and 98% of visitors were from Indian IP addresses.... This is a business which operates strictly in California, Texas, and Florida, although they are looking at expanding to other States in the US, but never internationally.

This business has been having the Indian "SEO team" work on his business website for several months, they charge $250 a month.... The owner sent me the last monthly report of what they had done it was about 12 pages long and looked at a glance, to someone that didn't understand what they were reading very impressive. very impressive indeed.

HOWEVER: I looked at it, and in fact what they had supposed to have done would only take about 30 minutes to do. Let me explain.

They had changed 1 links on 7 pages, to show as bold rather than normal text. In Dreamweaver, this would take about 5 minutes, with search and replace, so the 5 minutes includes opening the program and opening the pages, changes saving and closing the pages, lets give them the benefit of the doubt and think they has slow internet and slow computers. So opening 7 pages may take the while on an old computer.

They had added the phone number to the same 7 pages meta tags, since dreamweaver is now open, as are the pages they are working on, this would only take about 1 minute.

Added alt tags to 5 images on the same page, this has to be done manually, since the wording was different, but still with copy and paste, it would only take about 10 minutes max.

Validated 4 webpages. And fixed errors, that they had made in the first place, since they built the site, I won't even quote a time on that, because you can't charge clients to fix mistakes you made.... well I don't

Submitted 2 blogs to 2 blog search engines.... 5 minutes... if you are any kind of SEO you would already have the links to the submit page.

Submitted site to 30 social bookmarking sites, 10 of these sites were not written in English, so of little use. This would cost me $5 to have done.

They had 40 directory submissions done, this job a sub-contract and would cost me less than $6

Link Exchange 39 link exchanges... this is an interesting one, because I checked this site for broken links, and many of these "Link Exchanges" had broken links to them, done purposely, and
  1. If you actually looked at the domain names, 25 were the same as the directory submissions above
  2. a few the site didn't even exist, something you wouldn't notice if you didn't check.
  3. many of these places were just directory type places, and had no real website so they weren't real link exchanges which takes a lot of time to do. so again
  4. many of the real sites were again non-English sites.
Since these changes had no real value. Adding the broken links to this sites pages 15 minutes at most

really interested now, I then went on and checked the pages for the "work done", none of the pages, and none of the work done was yet in the search engines,

So thats 30 minutes, and $11 work, now writing the report, THAT would have taken a good 2 to 3 hours to collate all the information, and get it looking good, and read 12 pages long, in a pdf.... but still the business was paying $250 a month, for 30 minutes, and $11 work

My dilemma is, should I tell the client that they have been ripped off. So what is gained by telling a client this sort of news. The client get's upset, hell I would be, I'd be furious, so nothing gained there,

So whats in it for me if I tell client, will the client think any more of me for upsetting them?
I think not, of so will they trust me anymore, I don't see why, it's not good getting bad news about someone you have had a good or even an ok relationship with.

Will they pay me anymore... doubtful, why would you pay someone more for telling you you have been ripped off ... so there's nothing to gain, and really possibly a lot to lose, as the client may become distrustful of all seo's... and hey that's what I do, if this client was to talk about the ripoff, other people may become distrustful of SEO's and one of them may be a future client.

I'm charging an extra $100 a month, so $350 total, and have already spent 18 hours working on the SEO for their site, 16 hours fixing broken links, and missing images, and other errors left by the previous SEO.

When I do seo on a regular monthly bases for a business, I find the best way to do the work is as soon that months payment clears, I do the work for the month, that way the SEO Services I provide, are working for the website in the search engines well before the next month payment is due, I also tend to do more SEO at the start of the contract, giving the site the best chance possible, I often do far more work than I'm paid for, and often end up getting burned, as a client then expects that to carry on.

Gosh I would give poor Mr. Google a nervous breakdown, if I carried on like a bull out of a gate. And in actual fact, you lose gains made if you start changing things you have already changed. before google has spidered it and ranked, if you don't wait to see the results, and let the results settle down.

They say "We learn by our mistakes" I guess, although I don't seem to. I can't stand to see a site not reaching it's potential. Or at least make enough changes initially get things moving in the right direction, but I need to pace myself, and just do what I'm paid for, and then when a clients see's the results in a few months time, they can choose to increase that steady monthly payment.

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