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A new client wanted references from past clients, this was one he was sent, and I thought I would share what was said about my SEO ConsultancySkills

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1. How long have you used the service? Since August 2008

2. What is your average monthly site traffic. My traffic has really increased over the past few months, and I’m getting just under 10,000 unique visitors a month. Before any of the SEO work started, I was getting about 6,000 visitors per month.

3. What is your average monthly amount of only inquiries? Very few of “only inquiries”. Most of the people that visit my site purchase products from me directly on the website – they don’t do an enquiry first.
The first point of contact I get from people is the sale. This is better for me, as it means that less time is taken up answering enquiries and emails. As of January 2009, I am getting about 3 times increase in sales per week compared to before the SEO started.

4. In what search engines do you rank well and what are some of your page ranks in the SE's? well in the google search engine which everyone uses, my products come up in first or second position. This is true for the majority of the products that I sell, and the keywords that we have been targeting. The site also shows up in other search engines of course too. I have stopped using the Google Adwords campaign now, as that was getting redundant because my pages are showing at the top I don’t need to pay for the adwords at the side of the page.

Before we started the SEO work, my page rank was 1. I have had my site for four years, and it was only page rank 1. Canzdesign just emailed me last week with the good news that the Page Rank is now 4, and many of the internal pages within my website also have their own page rank.

5. Do you know of other companies that have successfully used her services? No I don’t know of them personally, but I have seen some of the work they have done.

6. What else can you tell me about Canzdesigns that would be helpful? I was initially very cautious about starting any SEO work, I was hesitant about doing something that I did not really understand.

The help and support I have received from Canzdesigns has been astounding, and I am already seeing a huge improvement in my sales revenue, and of course page rank etc. To me, the sales revenue is the main thing that I needed to increase, and that has already happened. Its only been a few months, so I am getting ready for a big year! The support that I have received from Canzdesign has often extended beyond our SEO contract. And they are always quick to reply to emails and be available. The price is totally reasonable as well. I highly highly recommend Canzdesign.

Hi it's Lynny again.

Let me first explain, I didn't do any seo work for this client, I was her SEO consultant and explain her website statistics to her each month.

I can't take all the credit for how the owner' Breastfeeding Products Online Store how her Site is Ranking in Search Engines, well I can.... but also the work that she has put into her site is a real credit to her as she said she was already getting 6000 unique (visitors to the site that haven't been there before) so 6000 unique visitors before I started.
Her total number of visitors is of course much higher again, but that's because she offers a great service and her clients are coming back.

I have made suggestion for all sorts of changes to her website, and the next day, she has made the changes and asking about what else she could do. She had already started a Breastfeeding Blog and only made a few posts, once I explained the best way to use a blog, she went ahead and has made 230 posts in her blog in 4 months, which are resulting in over 1200 visitors going to her website after reading her blog posts.

I just did a check yesterday, 2864 different keywords and keyphrases have been used to find her website in search engines so far this month, that's a lot of different ways people have searched for her breastfeeding products.

Looking at the top 200 keywords people used to find her website, only 16 keywords didn't rank on the 1st page of google search results, 150 of those 200 keywords were all in the top 5 positions in Google search results, and just over 100 where number #1 on Page 1 of google.

I know what I have said is a bit geeky, but basically Frances Online Breastfeeding Products Store was doing pretty well in search engines before I started being her SEO consultant, so although she's only getting an extra 4000 visitors to her website, she's getting more sales than she was, and making international sales were one of the major objectives when she requested my SEO services re: SEO Consultancy.

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