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Dentist in Chula Vista, SD Loves Results of My SEO Services. I'm doing SEO on few websites for a San Diego Dentist, it's part of a large project doing 4 different websites.
This dentist has had a website for 3 years, and never had a patient from come to him after seeing his site. Ok, so Kym head of graphic design and website development from CANZ Design rebuilt the site… and is still working on it… but almost done. I the SEO, have highly targeted a few keywords, the procedures that he loves doing including Braces and Implants. So far they have had only 703 visitors to the site since it opened, on the 24th of January, honestly I have to admit, probably about 100 of those visitors have been Me, working on the SEO on the CMS that runs the site… J
The site opened on January 24th '09.
January: No new patients in the first 7 days, no big surprises there… February:– 2 new patients one for Braces, and one for Emergency Weekend Dental Care in San Diego. March: 1st – 15th
Wait for it… Drum roll Please, only 199 visitors in the first 15 days of March 09 …. not that impressive huh.... ok, undrum roll that… Click this Link, the picture won't display well in this blog. What is Impressive, and a really big drum roll now, is the number of new patients, this San Diego Dentist Received, via his website… 12 new patients

Update: 16 visitors became patients in the month of March, that's 4% of visitors all visitors to his site for March, became new patients. That's pretty darn impressive I think, 
The Dentist is Please, 
I'm pleased, 

SEO Results for Dental Website - Short Term results for highly targeted keywords, this SEO is getting results

Regards Lynn SEO Services based in CA to NZ

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