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Remember this post I made ages ago about Bruce Clark or Clarke of Aotea Hosting, well he's got himself on TV in New Zealand for abusing a client, this is a post I made on a forum, which sort of said it all.

Hi, I'm now living in the States, but we or have had a really bad bad experiences with this guy Bruce Clarke from Aotea Hosting, when I lived in New Zealand, my partner built him several websites for his business, under a lot of different domain names, so don't just look out for aotea hosting, theres serveral different names he works under... go and read this recommendation at our site is you are interested in really not dealing with him

I specialise in making websites findable in search engines, and he actually sent us a quote request last night that I found very offensive. In the other services part of the quote form, he wrote that he wanted "sex" I have been to both links, and the one at there on sound for the national bank add at the start, but no sound for the interview.

And the other link won't show for anyone outside NZ, I might see if there's a way to pay to watch one thing. Watching the first link with no sound was pretty bad, but I would quite like to hear the words, especially when they had him as a puppet, that was pretty funny to watch, but knowing how he abused us or me when he was unhappy with something, I can just guess what he said.

OK, I just checked the url before I submitted this post, and the sound works now.... actually wish I hadn't heard it now, it brings back memories of the C**P he said to me, that got me so upset, and that had such devastating effect on me, about 18 months ago…. that Bruce Clark of Aotea is still definitely is nuts and needs help, he's lost the plot........

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