How Much should SEO cost, what some people charge for their SEO services

How much does SEO cost?

This is a really hard question to answer, it's a bit like asking how much a car costs, it just depends, one of the first considerations is how big is the site, what is it selling.

And one of the first questions I reply to this "how much" question with, is what is your budget? Then I ask how many visitors they would like to their website each month.

When I client tells me how much their budget is, and how many clients they are wanting to their website each I can give them a few options.

For a low budget generally speaking though, often $500 plus $1 per each visitor per month is a good way of working it out. This works at the lower end of the scale anyway, so if a client is looking only looking at another 1000 visitors a month, then often $1500 will be a good starting point one of the SEO clients I have has paid $2500 on SEO over 2 years and is getting an extra 7000 visitors per month, so this simple sum doesn't always work. Once you start looking at 10's of thousands of new visitors a month, the budget per visitors drops dramatically, getting visitors to a website initially is the hardest task, getting more visitors in general isn't that time consuming.

I have an SEO client that I've just started talking about SEO on her website, she has a budget of $30,000 over the next year, and if wanting to increase her website visitors to 250,000 per month. The client has an global art gallery online, so generating plenty of visitors should be easy enough. A lot of time will be spent link building, and building the pagerank of a lot of the internal pages, I have 4 clients with artist websites. I only do minimal work for them, but have always found linkbuilding easy for these site.

Cheers Lynny

I was recently reading a blog for an SEO Who always quoted $50,000 then $5000 per page for SEO work, looking at what he did when doing SEO on a website, the sites he did seo for, they were doing ok, but nothing that special, they were ranking between 7th and 9th on page #1 of google, so paying more for SEO, doesn't mean you will get better results, if just means your SEO doesn't work with people on smaller budgets, personally I would perfer have my site ranking higher for more phrases, than to be able to say, I spent $70.000 on SEO, I guess though that there is a certain amount of snob value in saying that huh.

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