How Many Links do I need? SEO Tip

A big problem with a lot of people that are trying to save money, and do their own SEO is they see something, like "you need links", and run with it, without actually knowing what is required.

For the record, you need links to your website, not neccessarily from your website. The problem comes with how do you do this.

And just any links to your website doesn't work either, they have to be from specific pages on specific sites.

I know so many of my clients have complained to me, I have links, and looking at their websites these links go out to different websites, often the website will be related to their website, which is great for the website they have linked to, but actually makes their own website weaker, if their aren't websites like the ones they are linking to, linking back to them.....

As you can see just from what I have written so far, it's more complicated than "you need links", and any good SEO has already made the mistakes you are making, and knows the best way to get links,
sure some SEO's cheat, actually a lot of SEO's cheat, and will and take your money, and still give you the wrong type of links, becuase the right type of links are very hard to find.

Hard work or time consuming work, although some SEO's are willing to do the work on their own sites, so they rank well in search engines, won't do the work on your site, especially not for the relatively small amount of money they charge for their SEO services.

A good SEO is also as hard to find as honest carsales man, but we are out there. I'll write another post, explaining how to disearn a good seo.

Cheers Lynny
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