How do I get more sales from my website

I get asked so often, how do I get more sales, how can I make money from my website, why doesn't anyone want to buy stuff off my website, why aren't I getting any orders.

The answer can be several things, but most often the answer is, beuase you need more visitors to your wbesite.

One client said once, well I get over 100 people a month to my site yet no sales.

I'm sorry, but 100 visitors a month would mean about 1 sale every two years. You need thousands of visitors each month to get reguar sales.

Theres no way you can send thousands of visitors to your website each month, you simply don't have the time, you need your website to be found in search engines for the sorts of things that people might search for.

Search engines are the ONLY way to get thousands of visitors to your website each and every month.

That same client I spoke about above, now get's between 9 and 11,000 visitors to her website every month, and is making regular sales.

An investment in my SEO services, of just over $2000 over a period of 24 months has resulted in the increase in visitors.

Cheers Lynny
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