How to tell a good SEO.

So if their are so many sleazy SEO out their, how do you tell them from the good ones.

1. A good SEO won't give you a quote before they know all the details about your website and what results you want to achieve, unless that quote is for at least multiple $10,000.

2. A good SEO will usually talk in words you understand, rather than try to boggle you with geek speak.

3. A good SEO will probably ask you your budget, and work within that budget.

4. A good SEO will ask you a lot of questions, you may think some questions are odd, but the less guesswork a SEO has to do the more likely you are to get a good job.

5. A good SEO will invite you to ring them to discuss your needs. Although a lot of work from home's myself included, don't like to give out their home address, honest people are quite happy to give out their phone numbers... ring them, at least once to confirm that the number they gave is the correct one. A landline number is perferable over a cell phone one.

6. A good SEO will never make rash promises, like yes I can get you to #1 position especially before they have researched the phrases you are after.

7. A good SEO will always ask if they can have access to the geeky side of a website, before they give you a quote, remember this, before you get a quote, you SEO should know if they can have access to the backend of the website... this doesn't mean that they have to be able to access it, but if they can't the SEO work that has to be done is quite different, much more time consuming so will cost more, or the type of work they do is the sleazy type, that can be turned off if you stop paying the monthly SEO fee, that might not have been mentioned in the original quote.

8. A good SEO will always be happy to answer your questions, and will be happy for you to question them, I have had a client say they were going to contact someone that knew SEO, I gave them all my contact details to pass onto their friend. Good SEO have nothing to hide about their work.

SEO isn't a one off thing that can be done, that works the same with every website, sure there are some things that every website needs, but each website, in my experience is unique, even two website selling the same thing.
SEO is an ongoing process, and although some SEO make one charge which includes the ongoing work, if you see or hear an SEO saying, your site will take a week or a month to do then be weary.

Ask your SEO what they are going to do to your website, then contact someone like me, offer to pay me $100 to look over their list, I promise you the $100 you pay me will be the best money you ever spend. Cause if there's something sleazy in there, I'll pick them up on it. Often it's the way something is worded, not what it says that's the tip off. And very often people that don't speak you native language will take advantage of this.

Cheers Lynny
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