Is SEO really necessary, do I have to have SEO

I often get asked if SEO is really necessary, and the quick answer is no, it isn't essential if you aren't trying to make money or sales for your business.

If you spend your whole day online, posting in forums, writting responses in blogs, writting articles, emailing a lot of people, SEO isn't strickly necessary, especially if you aren't selling anything.

However, and this is a big however, if you are wanting to get more visitors to your website, want to make sales or increase sales, and don't have time to sit all day and everyday at the computer, finding ways to get people to your website, then SEO will definately need to be part of your marketing plan.

Also, unless you have some basic SEO skills in the first place, all the time spent online posting etc will be lost within about a year, often forums will prune their posts, so any posts you did make will be either lost in the archives, or pruned (cut out) of forums and blogs. So it's well worthwhile spending about 80 to 100 hours learning the basics of SEO.....

When you think about spending 90 hours learning some SEO basics, and then say 8 hours a day online putting those SEO skills into practise, you soon see that hiring an SEO like Me isn't such a bad option. Even if you only consider your time as being worth $25 an hour, the time you take to learn Basic SEO as 90 hours, you have already lost $2250. If you invested that same $2250 on SEO you would find your website ranking a lot better in search engines.

And thats only the time you would have spent learning about SEO, then comes the really hard bit, actually putting what you have learnt into practice, yet if you had of invested in my SEO Services, you would already be well on the way to actually making the money.

Cheers Lynny

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