What does a designer do?

A good graphic designer's job is far more complex than anyone would guess, for designing say a business card.

You have to first make sure all the relevant information is on the cards, the businesses logo, person's name, phone numbers etc. Choose a colour that is either part of the businesses branding, or that looks good, or stands out. A simple white card will just look like all the other white business cards you want your card to stand out from the rest, be eye catching.

Then comes the time consuming part, choosing a font that looks good, can be easily read, and suits the card, does that font been a drop shadow to be seen clearly. You may not be aware that each font not only has a different look to it, but different spacing between each letter and spacing between words can also be quite different.

You have to make it all fit onto a relatively small area. Not only fit, but to look good to anyone looking at it, as your business card is a very important part of your business advertising. So moving the various parts of the graphic of the card around in itself, so they look good and ete-catching can take an hour or so at least.

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