Rebuild Redesigning a website old tired outdated website

Did you at first build your website in frontpage?
Did you build your website yourself, not sure of it's value to your business?
Is your website out of date? is your website built in html, and now it's grown so much, and your business has grown, that you need an easier/quicker way to make changes?
Rebuilding or redesigning a website can be a big decision, with many questions?

I'll write some questions I have been asked out and give replies, as often people might be worried about things that aren't a problem.  

Do I get to keep the same domain name if I rebuild my site? YES Can I stay with the same Host if I rebuild my website? YES I want to move my website host, can you do that? YES if you are sick of your old webhost, or think you are paying too much for web hosting, we can suggest another one if you are paying more than $10 a month where you could host as many websites and blogs as you like, for $9.95 a month or $100 a year. We are very experienced at moving websites, you website will not be offline at all, one second it will be your old website the next it will be your new one. You can of course find your own new webhost if you would like.  

Will all the page names stay the same? YES if you would like them too, often with an older site links have been made to a site and to a specific page name, and you don't want to lose that link, so keeping old page names is important. If on the other hand you are wanting to make your site more search engine friendly, page names can be changed, and instant redirects can be set up.  

Will old links from forums and blogs etc still work? YES Will my site be offline while you rebuild? NO We rebuild the site on our host usually, and when it's all done, we move it to your host, so the longest your site will be down in a few minutes with the change over.  

Can you add a blog to my website? Sure, that's easy, and wouldn't even charge you to do it, we do charge a fee to make the blog look like your website, if you want to.  

I already have a blog can you add it to my website? YES. It's usually quite easy to do?  

Can you make new pages or change the text/pictures on exsisting pages while you are redesigning? YES No problem at all. The words and pictures on my website are good, I just want new look will you do that? YES Often people like the same wording, maybe in a different font and the layout of pictures and wording changed.  

The wording on my website is terrible, I want professional words written, can you organise that? YES, we have two content writters we work with, one write excellent sales copy, the other writes fine articles and informational type webpages, but writer write on any subject required(Bothe writers are natural English Speakers)
I want a blog, but can't write a good article, can you organize a writer for regular blog posts. YES. The article or informational writer we have would be happy to write and post articles to a blog on a regular basis. At the time of writing this blog post, she is writing for 3 blog owners, a dentist, a realestate agent, both one blog post a week, and a site selling fish bait one short post ever 3-4 days.  

Can you make my blog look like my website? YES... I'd like to start a newsletter, can you add a newsletter program to our site? YES We recommend a newsletter program that is easy to use, and is designed to look like any website, it even stores old newsletters online if you would like.

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