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Although this was a quick exchange, I'm so sick of getting "poor me" requests for me to spend hours and hours of my time, for a share of the profits generated.

I get these requests all the time, and they just an keep coming... Sure I see clients that are now receiving 10's of thousands and I wouldn't mind a bit of the action, but it would have to be a lower initial SEO rate and a % of income.

And you know the oddest thing, NO ONE that I have ever suggested this too, have ever taken me up on it, I'm talking about serious seo clients, they really see the value of SEO, and see they would be way out of pocket if the gave me say .05% of their income forever and a day. Rather than just pay me for my seo services. I have a fellow SEO that did this 3 times, and all was well until it came time to pay, then the fighting started over where did the visitor come from, was it the search engines work my friend did, or one of the 500 visitors that were already finding the site in search engines. And how much did the site really generate that month, And then the owners will throw in a clause that it's only profits, and of the $2000 earned this month from some low replacement cost item, had to be spent on buying a new car, meanwhile my friend is wondering how he's going to pay for his internet connection this month. I think what annoys me most is when I pick up on a lie, like this guy, he could afford my "Services" but didn't feel he had to pay me, and although his services are worth money, mine aren't. No SEO or web designer worth their salt will go for these deals, and yet these requests just keep coming. Once I suggested to a client, who had offered me 20% of her income from her site, I would be happy to do it, they had a good product, and I could see a Market for it, I suggested that she transfer the domain name, I'd host the site, and paypal payments would come to me, and I'd send on their share, up until then everything was going well, all of a sudden, this client was slipping and sliding all over the place, and sent me a long email explaining, that they didn't even make 20% profit on many products, and they had bills they had to pay and stock they had to rebuy, and a zillion other reasons, they couldn't possibley have it work this way.... I just laughed and sent back an email suggesting that I wasn't asking for anything they hadn't suggested, except I would know how much they were making..... Anyway read this conversation from the bottom up, and On 04/07/09 5:51 PM, this member wrote: -------------------- Hi Lynn, Interested in your services but cannot afford the monthly for site we launched www.somewebsitename.com Do you ever work on a sales generated commission base? On 04/07/09 7:49 PM, Lynn Brown SEO Consultant wrote: -------------------- I just checked my email, after I saw your post, I keep requests by the month, I've had 37 requests not including yours, but just like yours so far this this month, and it's only the 7th. I take my work seriously, and expect my clients to hurt a little in order to have me work for them to show their commitment to their to the business. In 8 years I have done SEO for 2 small business that couldn't pay, me just because I could see the owner had the commitment to hang in there, both businesses are now very successful and pay me a regular monthly payment for services rendered 4 and 7 years ago. On 04/07/09 8:04 PM, this member wrote: -------------------- Thanks Lynn for the response. A little taken back by the directness. If you previewed the site you would see that we are serious in addition to my extensive business background. This business was just launched in June 08 and already receiving favorable response from celebrities, agencies, vendors, mom fashion blogs and our bottom line customers. You are receiving multiple responses because everybody is beginning to realize the importance of SEO in addition to watching our market spend while expecting verifiable results. I have clients that are asking for more ROI and in this economy I am willing to return that response with results. Sorry if you are feeling insulted by mine and others request. I personally know very few businesses that are not hurting and wanting more for their money and I deal with all sizes across the board. Thank you for your consideration. Hello. Yes, I don't tend to call a spade a flower, it wastes time. I did visit the site, and yes you have a great product, very cute and I could see a big demand for the few products to the right market, and I could see you would have some good reviews for the products. But the site itself needs lot's of work, it's unprofessional, and quite frankly looks like it's made by someone that didn't care, the navigation has a lot to be desired, the link colors haven't been worked with and links seem to disappear when they are hovered over, and the blog has 3 posts that have not worked correctly, and whoever posted them just left ugly code there, rather than either deleting it until they worked out what was wrong, or gave up on that idea. These posts are over a month old. You might be interested in a page I just made of the ROI for some of my clients,
http://www.thisseogetsresults.com/ROI_for_SEO_Services but there has to be some Investment before there can be a Return On that Investment. It's an interesting the statement you made about people seeing importance of SEO, this is true, they just don't yet see the value of it.

If I devalue myself or my worth, then clients will see my work as worthless also. I'm not hard hearted, I have one client that pays me $75 a month, out of her wages from work, and then does the work I advise her about each month herself, another client that does work for me, mostly online research, in return for the seo work I do for her. With both these clients the work is slow, but they are getting there. Oh, I have another women that writs content for me, in return for seo advice. You say, you are willing to return the response for higher ROI with results, does that mean you work without pay until your clients are making such a profit they can afford to pay you? Even Indian SEO's require payment before they start work and they work for peanuts, mind you that's all there work is worth. My clients are all astonished with the return they get for my SEO $, all of them have stopped using PPC, printed advertising, or any other form of paid advertising, within 3 months of starting working with me. It doesn't take long to see a $1000 outlay turns into $1500 monthly profit. lol... I even have a client that took out a personal loan for $7.5k to pay me to do SEO... that has worked extremely well for his business, he finished SEO over 6 months ago, and is make far more than the loan was for per month from his online business. All my clients blab to other businesses, so I get regular offer's of work. Regards Lynny On 04/07/09 10:23 PM, Another Member wrote: -------------------- Thank you again for responding but will end this discussion here. Thank you for pointing out our Blog error, this will be corrected. All the Best, Lynny again. I guess he did like dealing with someone that had a brain, or maybe I just confused him lol.... Lynn Brown SEO Consultant wrote:

Regards Lynny
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