SEO is too good, our business can't cope!!!

I've had 2 SEO clients ask me within 2 days, if there's a way to un-optimized their website. They had no idea what a difference SEO could make, and are unprepared for the influx of new business.

Another client mentioned a few weeks back that her stocks were getting very low, and she had more sold gems on her site than ones for sale, I recently went and deleted over 250 products off her site, just to help her out, she has a slow internet connection in outback Australia...

Its an interesting problem, everyone that is looking for SEO is looking for more sales, more patients, more something from their websites, but I don't think any of my clients have thought ahead.

What is the back-up plan when the SEO really REALLY works? Ok so they could maybe handle twice or even three times as many orders, as there are now.

But what happens when the order's have become 20 or 30 fold order's within 3 months, when trips to the post office to post orders off, used to be a couple times a week, and are now 3, 4 or 6 times a day.

What happens if the 3 emails you receive a week asking about your services, suddenly turns into 20 a day. What happens if say a doctor’s office is used for getting say 5 or 6 new patients a month from various advertising, and suddenly it's up to 25 one month and 55 new patients the next month, there's still all the original patients that need seeing too, people often need to see the doctor quickly...

Have you ever thought what would happen, or have any strategy's worked out, if suddenly your business became super successful, or are you still struggling with getting your business to pay the rent or even hosting for your website... I’d suggest you spend a little free time working on a success plan, find out who has the best parcel pick-up and delivery service, work out how long it would take to hire and train new staff members, look at the price of a bigger premises, whatever your business would need if it became successful within 2 months, plan for success|!!!

Even looking at if you want to expand your business, do you want to be bother with staff, with renting premises, or if you just want to have you business as a paying hobby, or even just an income for your family, it would still pay to think ahead, and maybe when thinking about getting SEO tell your seo what you expect, maybe the cost of the seo could be reduced.

Personally I have never heard of anyone asking their SEO to cool it or stop, although i have done it myself for our own sites, when things got to busy, most people I've come across are happy with a minimal increase in sales of whatever type, but with the recession, and working out some excellent SEO techniques for myself, I have begun supercharging my clients websites, maybe I'll have to tone it down a bit myself :)

There’s a belief system of some group or other, that what you think about will come into being, perhaps if you plan for success you won’t even need me as your SEO lol….

Regards Lynny
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