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Web design, for small to medium business worldwide, although based in San Diego, or web clients come from as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Russia, England, Canada, South Africa, as well as several clients in California, and from throughout the US.

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SEO aims to improve rankings for the web pages which are most relevant to the keywords searched for, generate traffic for targeted keyword therefore the first time visitor ends up on the web pages that most suits a visitors search, this then converts visitors into customer and generates more sales. Make user and search engine friendly web pages.

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SEO Guru Extraordinaire

SEO Guru Extraordinaire
The Dylexic yet Best SEO Around, an SEO that didn't learn SEO through book learning, but through the school, of mistakes and stuff up's. An SEO that get's Results!!! Not just a pretty face, and a cool hat. Contact help1@seobycanz.com