Does your website deserve to rank well in Search Engines

Have you ever considered, that maybe your website doesn't deserve to rank well in search engines?

A search engines job is to list websites that are most relevant to the search query in order of importance.

The way a search engine works out how relevant your webpage/website is relevant is pretty simple really, the trick is finding out what people requiring your service are actually searching for, and then making your website relevant to those types of searches. this sounds easy enough, but it's a lot more time comsuming than you would think, because not only does an seo need to make your webpage/site relevant for particular phrases, they also have to make it more relevant than all the other websites on the internet that deal with that subject.

It's pretty obvious that the first or highest use of the internet is information gathering, if that information being sort is related to the product or service you are offering, and your website ranks highly for the search query someone makes, and someone clicks on your link from a search engine or wherever online, then you are part way to making a sale.

So if your website is just page after page of products for sale, with little or know information about the products, just a thumbnail of the product, clicking through to a larger picture, maybe with a description full of none keyword types word and a buy now button, quite frankly the changes of anyone actually even finding your website using a search engine are pretty nominal.

You would do well to hire someone like me, I'm a content writer and an SEO, so I write content pages that will entice search engines to see your website as important on a particular or several subjects, important enough to rank your webpages highly for many searches.

You may wonder how someone that is dyslexic could ever write for other peoples website, but thats another blog post all on it's own.

Cheers Lynny
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