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Many people still don't get how the internet works, and still look for someone to make their website or do SEO on their website, someone that lives locally. Yet there is no need what-so-ever.
I was straightening up my files today, and thought you maybe interested in some of the places I have done SEO for on websites from all over the world, These are most of the places I have worked on in the last year.
New Zealand, Auckland x 6, Northland x 2, Tauranga x 3, Invercargill x2, Wellington x 4, Christchurch x7, Mount Cook, Wanaka...
In Australia, Sydney x 3, Brisbane x 2, Queensland x 2, Perth x 4, Melbourne, Tasmania, Cairns
England, Chester, Crosley, Bristol x 7, Liverpool x 2 ...
USA. San Diego x 4, Los Vegas, San Francisco, Stockton, Dayton ...

I very occainsionally ring any of my SEO clients, everything is usually done via email, and sometimes MSN, payments are made generally via Paypal, or some other form of online payment system.

So why is it that about once a month I get an email from someone that lives in Auckland or Rotorua each are about 2 hours drive from where I live, asking if I could do SEO for their website or better still asking if I know of anyone in their area that does SEO.

So for the record, I will be living in San Diego soon, so anyone in that area that needs an SEO that get's great results I am happy to start your SEO before I get their, "Grin"

Seriously thou, SEO can work on any website anywhere in the world, so contact me at Right at the moment I could start work on your site immediately, but that will change in a couple of weeks, becuase of the way I work, I can often start on your website within a week of recieving the first payment.

Cheers Lynn
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