Links to your website or the key to SEO

Getting links to your website is the key to SEO, with enough links good links to your website from good high ranking webpages you will start ranking well for many search phrases, your website is optimised for.

This sounds easy enough huh. It isn't, since you have to have the right type of links, from the right type of website, to the right pages within your website.

So how many links do you need?

There is no hard and fast rule to how many links you need, but if you had say 1000 links to your website and the words that are in the text of the link are good keywords for your business type, and the links are on good high ranking webpages you will probably get a PR4 ranking with is considered good. If you use linking text rather than buttons, you can cut done the number of links you require considerably.

So what are linking words? Quite simply they are words that make the link, like Best SEO that gets great Results if you click on those words, you would endup at my other SEO website. And the words that are the link are the linking words. Many people make the mistake of making their url the link words as well as the link, this doesn't help get your website any higher in search engines apart from if someone types your url into a search engine.

Many people choose to have buttons as a link, although this is helpful for maybe getting people to your website, eg they see your cool button and click on it, but as far as helping your website to rank better in search engines it won't help at all. So you have to decide do you want to get people to your website from another site in particular or do you want to Rank well in Search Engines for many phrases.

You may think that getting people to your website is the goal, which of course it is, but would you rather only get visitors from say 30 websites, or rank well in search engines for possible thousands of search phrases so potientially millions of people could find your website.

Getting confused? Ok, look at it this way say I don't bother with buttons links, but make text links to my various websites, and say somewhere in the text link I have the words Best SEO it might be NZ's Best SEO or Worlds Best SEO, Best SEO that get's results, SEO at it's Best or Your Best Bet for an SEO The important thing is the words Best SEO is somewhere in the linking text.
And someone wanting SEO types in a search engine "Best SEO tips" if one of the pages on my website is to do with tips, even though I didn't have the word tips in the linking text my site would rank fairly well for Best SEO, and the "tips" page would rank highly.

If I have enough links like this around the internet and I'm talking about thousands of links that say that have the word "Best SEO" I would rank highly for someone doing a search for Best SEO, I just tried that search in using the search pages from NZ, and I'm ranking #5 on page number 1 and it's actually to a webpage that has nothing to do with SEO on my website. It's actually a photo manipulation page in our portfolio. lol, but if someone visited that link they would see plenty of links to things SEO related.
I have the words "Best SEO" in links in about 100 places, if I spent a lot of time and had say 500 links using those words, I might even rank in google on page 2 for a search for simply "seo", if I had say 1000 links around the internet I might get to rank on page 1 for "seo" I choose to spend my time working on my clients websites, getting them ranking highly rather than my own website.

Now I bet you are more confused than ever, thats why I suggest you let me worry about how to get your website ranking highly in search engines, sure you can make a few links yourself around the internet to your website, the more there are the better, but I can tell you now that getting 500 permanant links takes a lot of time.


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