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I was just doing some vanity searches for our main website , for SEO searches done by people that found our site for various SEO searches, and thought I would show you a few searches and the search results from search the web engine.
These searches for SEO all had at least 50 people find our site last month.
seo price guide #1
best seo facts #1
photography seo #1
seo accommodation #1
NZ's best SEO #1
web design seo #1
seo tourism #2
seo price #4
seo prices #2
seo friendly web site #2
seo price list #2 #3 #4
best seo cms #4
how to design seo friendly site #4
seo friendly web design software #1
best seo web pages #5
graphic designer seo #1
seo nz #7
seo pricing guide #1
seo service price list #2

There are of course many other searches that our site ranked #1 for that were to do with SEO, but they didn't result in as many visitors, so means that not so many people did those searches.

With the SEO price list search, all 3 out of our 3 websites ranked one after the other in google.

Note the difference in the search results seo price and seo prices one extra letter made the difference in ranking change by two places.

Cheers Lynny

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