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I thought you maybe interested in a service I offer to website owners.

Instead of investing in a lot of SEO work at once which could be an investment of $2000 or more, depending on the size of the website, and the work that needs doing, I have quite a few clients who own small websites, who invest a small amount each month and I make small changes to their website, and do SEO at a slower pace. This ongoing work means their websites stay ranking highly in search engines.

This system helps first the client but also me, clients find it much easy to set aside a regular monthly amount and on my part it's good to know there is a regular income happening each month. I of course have regular clients who have had SEO work done, and I tweak their sites each month but this system is different.

For people who maybe aren't sure if seo will help, or that just can't invest in a lot of seo work at this time this system works well.

I have mentioned before that I have a goal of earning a regular income of $2000 USD a month, this doesn't of course count the one off jobs I do, although they amount to much more than this, I also want that regular income, so if there's a slow month, like January is, I know I have work to carry on until the next big job comes in. I often find that these regular clients get extra work done between the big jobs.

So if you are thinking about getting seo done on your website, or have considered it but just can't justify a large investment at this time, contact me, if you can be straight up, and let me know how much you'd like to invest monthly in marketing your website, We'll see what arrangement we can come to.

Cheers Lynny

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