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And SEO quote I did a few months ago, for a 200 page website, that was selling products that cost over $1,000,000 dollars each. The client only wanted people that were ready to buy their products to visit the site.

1. What is SEO and how would affect your website

SEO is a variety of marketing and optimization techniques that bring viable clients to an online business

not to look around but to purchase services or goods.

Some of these techniques are called Onpage SEO:

Onpage SEO is manipulation and fine tuning of the unseen code beneath a webpage. This information an SEO fine tunes tells the search engines and people doing searches for your products what's on a particular webpage.

I write this Onpage code in a very specific way, which highlights some of the list of keywords and key phrases I am working with. This makes every page an entry page into your website and means that your website can appear highly in search engine search results for many phrases instead of only a few which

is what most SEO work towards.

Then there is Offpage SEO optimization and this can mean many, many different things… basically

known as link building in several different ways, and perhaps Pay Per Click(PPC) campaigns, paid

advertising on the types of websites your clients would be going to.

As you said on the phone, you aren't interested in getting visitors who spend all their time at eBay; you

want visitors that are looking to buy your products that cost over 1 million dollars each.

So in this case I would suggest you do pay for advertising in some of the higher income places online, where your customers browse and shop.

Once my SEO changes begin taking affect it will compliment the work your marketing team is doing; think of SEO as an internet based marketing plan that uses very different techniques from traditional market strategies it is all about getting your brand and company recognized.

So the idea wouldn't necessarily be to get clicks and visitors to your site (unless they are buying) , but to get your name being talked about in the right circles. I don't know how much attention your marketing team is paying to the internet at this stage, but it is a very important part of advertising in today's world. I will make your website a good point of introduction into your very specialized product.

What I can do for this website

1. I was mistaken when I first looked at your site, it isn't all flash as I first thought; this is a very good. It

means I can start work and the changes I make will take effect immediately. I should be able to get this

site ranking very highly, within the first 2 or 3 rankings for any given search, although I haven't checked

out your competition yet, I wouldn't think you have a lot of completion.

2. I would first optimize all webpages so the Onpage SEO is relevant to the actual page content; at present,

most of your pages are competing with each other for search rankings.

3. While google is indexing this first round of onsite (another word for Onpage) optimization, I would then

do a lot of research into keywords that it should be optimized for. This entails perhaps 200 hours investigating keywords and the sort of things people search for, and then researching which pages would be best suited for which phrases and then adding to the optimization I first did. Google likes changes on websites, so making website changes close together is a good idea. I would also start some off page optimization; I have staff that does this type of work, who report to me several times a day.

4. All of the wording on the site is very hard to read, as it is stark white on blue; I have someone that could

change this making the words much easier to read. You have a beautiful website but it needs to be a

little more user friendly.

SEO Timeline

First let me say that I spend my whole day on a computer approx 16 hours a day, so if I say I will work on something for 50 hours this doesn't mean it will take 8 days to do; it would be more like 3½ days. I work 7 days a week, totally addicted to my work; I'm mobility disabled, and don't have a life away from the computer. ☺ I wasn't quite sure how to set out this quote, as I have no idea of your budget.

The site seems to have a few problems that visitors will encounter, especially with the Navigation, and I would have them seen to immediately.

1. The first thing I would do is analyze the current website statistics (if they have any), see where your website visitors are coming from and how they are arriving at your website. We need to have a thorough understanding of where we are at so we can see where we have to go. If you don't currently have access to website statistics, the first thing I would need to do is add Google Analytics code (we will get Analytics working for you anyway, but it is vital I get a good idea of the type of traffic your site is generating.

2. The initial Onpage SEO: for approximately 40 webpages 20‐25 hours.

3. Search engine submission, Google and yahoo sitemaps, general Offpage optimizations 40 hours

4. Approx 200 hours researching keywords and website analyses, adding to the Onpage Meta material 100 hours researching the advertising campaign your marketing team establishes and perhaps complimenting their work with SEO tactics. 80‐120 hours: starting a link building campaign, using several different techniques and strategies.

5. 30‐50 hours handling anything as it comes up

6. Total Approx 500 hours 7‐8 weeks

It doesn't sound much, but that would take approx 6‐7 weeks to complete full time work, although results would start to show with a couple of weeks for a site like yours, that is a mature site.

It isn't advantageous to have too many links to a website appearing too quickly so link building would carry on for several months and rather than work on getting thousands of useless links, I'd suggest paying for a few good links that will help your pages ranking in google in the short term.

Ongoing work on a monthly basis should be seriously considered for at least 6 months after the initial

SEO work is done. This SEO work includes link building, constant (daily checking of statistics) and making changes or tweaking the Onpage optimization as required. Collating and submitting a month report, as to what's happening with the site, and perhaps meeting with the marketing dept to discuss any new marketing strategies they maybe implementing; so I can see that the website is optimized correctly for the people that maybe searching for the site.

This work would average out to about 3‐5 hours a day, so 120 hours a month, for 6 months.

Cost of SEO: I generally say that as a rule of thumb, that 10% of the yearly advertising budget should be spent on SEO. However this won't be necessary for this project.

Initial SEO Approx 500 hours 7‐8 weeks

‐ $37,500 2 payments 1 month apart $20,000 then $17.500

Ongoing SEO.

120 hours per month for 6 extra months = 720 hours

‐ $54,000 $9,000 per month Starting on the 3rd month after initial SEO is paid for.

Or $7700 per month for a year, and changing the monthly SEO to 60 hours per month.

Regards Lynny
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