I don't have time to market my website

Finding the time to do your own website marketing. 

A post I made on a forum, I thought was worth sharing... one of the members there said this
My biggest question is - who has the time for all this 'online marketing'? While I have added my details to common directories, try to post at least 1 blog per month and follow the odd chat ... I really struggle to find time to spend hours researching 'the latest'. Tips appreciated!
My Reply

Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, Linkedin, and other social media sites are all just ways of getting potential clients to your blog and then website, if you don't want to pay someone like me to market your business online, then you have to do it by trial and error, and quote frankly wasting hundreds of hours trying things out, that don't work, I've done that years ago, and now know the tricks of the trade.

And I'm still trying out new things, to see what works and what doesn't, but generally, some things work for some businesses other don't, so I have to know how each thing works, so I can use the right combination for each business I work with.

I guess most of you know, I'm and SEO, I make websites findable in search engines, and more importantly make it findable for that websites potential customers.

Anyone can get people to their website, that's easy, and what most people that say they are search engine optimisation or website optimisation experts  do, they get people to your website, the trick is to get people ready to click the paypal button, write an email, pick up the phone and call you, that's what Pro SEO's do.

EG: I have a client who is a dentist, and while he only gets about 400 visitors a month to his website, which is lousy, but read on...

I've been working on his sites since the end of Jan 09, in Feb he got 2 new patients, and in March another 14  new patients, and now he's averaging between 12 and 19 new patients every month coming directly from the site I optimize. You do the math at the % of visitors that view his website that become patients, it fantastic. Better than any other form of advertising.

He made a healthy investment in SEO of almost $35,000 USD, he said at his had a ROI in 4 months. We are only at month 7 of a 14 month SEO campaign.

This dentist said to me from the start, that he's a dentist, and doesn't want to know what I do, just make his website work. He actually asked me a few months back to stop optimizing his site, because he had to get a larger office and hire another dentist and staff to handle all the new patients he was getting.

On the other hand I had a new client a few years getting a respectable 8-10,000 visitors a month, and not getting any sales to speak of. that site now gets around 12,000 visitors, and the owner makes an income enough to live on, she could do a whole lot better, but she's not willing to do the work herself or pay me to, she seems happy with getting a few hundred a week.

My point is, to have an online business, and have that business be successful, you either have to pay someone like me, or do the work yourself making the investment in your business in sweat equity.  Just ask Frances from Breastmates.co.nz about investing sweat equity in a business, she is a inspiration I can tell you, that woman is a dynamo and it's paying off.

I wrote an article years ago, before social media was the in thing, setting out the investment you must make in your websites to just get it optimised, and doing well in search engines, you might find it interesting.


If you add say 2 hours a night to that articles suggestions, for social media-ing, not counting the time to find what best works for you, you'd still on the right track within a year or so.

I must write and update to that article, because things have changed so much, in 5 years.

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