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I have been working with Canzdesign for a few months now, they have been creating a new website for me.  My old one was “home-made” using Frontpage and had hundreds of pages and I was spending more time keeping it updated.

Anything is possible with the SEF CMS website system, and it has taken me a while to fully understand this.  I did see the sample websites that they had made for their other clients, but didn’t fully comprehend that the way things are done, and what you see on the site, can be changed and developed to suit your own needs.  

This was important to me, as I have been in business for 5 years and have certain ways of doing things.

For example with my website, I wanted all the product categories to be viewable on every page (like my old site did but obviously easier layout with the new CMS system).  Because I sell products on my website, it was really important to me that the product pages had very large images and good text.  

So they actually customized the product pages for me so that the images were 300x400 and also that little thumbnail pictures of alternative images were viewable, you just hover your mouse over and it shows the bigger picture.  

This is a really cool feature, as the person can see more images and angles before deciding to purchase.  Some of my products had 10 different photos (or colours) and with the modifications they made for me, all these images were now available.
Because my store has over 300 products, navigation was a real key.  

With my old site I just had 5 categories of products, and the store pages had a long list of things available to purchase.  But with the new CMS website, we could actually add sub-categories to make it easier for people to find stuff.  

This has worked really well.  For example instead of just having “Clothing” section of our breastfeeding products, we separated this into Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Singlets subcategories.

It was also really important to me that the store had an option to display the prices in different currencies.  This has been added now specially for me. The prices are shown in my default currency (New Zealand dollars) and then there is a secondary currency you can choose.  

I decided to have US, AUD, Euro – but could have chosen any. 
The other thing I have to tell you about Canzdesign is that with the beauty of the internet you can work with anyone anywhere in the world.  

I’m in New Zealand and they are in San Diego, but that has not hindered our work at all.  It has actually been to my benefit, as when I am doing my work late at night, they are online too.  

Sometimes they stay up to the wee hours of the morning when we are going through things together.  I can never tell what time it is with them, as they work around the clock it seems, but it has definitely worked to my advantage.

I do recommend the services of Canzdesign very very highly.  Choosing to go with them, and the outcome as been very worthwhile for me.  This is my beautiful new website they have made for me.  Please feel free to contact me if you are not sure about them, or hesitant.  I am an independent real life person, and can talk to you.

Now I can spend my time with my family and handling sales which are pouring in since people have seen the new website and sales were good on the old site but this new site is SOOOOOO easy. 

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