Rebuilding Updating a big website and SEO costs less

I had a quote request this morning to rebuild a hand built website of over 1000 webpages, pages were built in a number of different programs including several versions of Corel WordPerfect and Frontpage

Rebuilding a large hand-built website onto an easier to manage CMS website can seem to the website owner a daunting prospect, but can cost much less than you would expect. Especially if the owner wants to help out with moving pages from the old site to the new website and they usually do want to stay in control of their website.

Review for Rebuilding a 700 page E-commerce website built in frontpage into a new CMS

This was the reply I sent for rebuilding and doing SEO for a 1000+ website.

Hi Grace.

I’m Lynny the SEO for CANZ Design.

With the very limited information you have here and on the quote request, and looking at your site in Google, it looks as though you have about 1090 pages indexed by Google, and perhaps more not yet found.

I can see that one problem you have is lack of navigation on the site only links back to the home page. Still someone has worked long and hard on your site, how many visitors are you receiving now each month?

It would be irresponsible to give you a accurate quote for both the rebuilding and the SEO we'd need to discuss more, exactly what, if anything you are wanting to do to help, someone has worked hard on this site and maybe happy to carry on working. We have a website that would allow you and your staff to add pages yourself with ease,(CMS) and in fact we have just finished a website of 1700 pages, the owner did most of that work transferring pages from her old site herself.

You maybe interested in reading that clients review of the site her site sells breastfeeding products and has breastfeeding advice.

Do you sell products, or would you like to sell products, we have a store module that works with PayPal.

Oddly enough, the SEO would be easier and cheaper than you would think for a very large site. Depending on the keywords and how competitive those keywords are.

In Saying that, a ballpark figure to rebuild the site could cost as little $3000 if you and staff did a lot of copy and pasting or as much as $25,000 (for 1090 pages) if we did everything ourselves, we could do the site ourselves in as little as a 4-6 weeks, perhaps less. We have staff we can call on to help. 

We’d build the site on our servers, and move it to your hosting severs when everything is done so your website won’t be down for any longer than an hour in the changeover. The redirects from existing webpages would take a little longer, as they need to be done once the site is live.

SEO for the site again depending on the keywords and how competitive they are, could cost as anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 but more likely closer to $12,000, SEO doesn’t require any help on your part, but the cost depends on the results you want to achieve … $12,000 which is what I usually charge for a 40-60 page website. I’d suggest starting with $12,000 and seeing what that achieves in a couple of months after the site goes live, and look at more if necessary. We could discuss this more during construction.

We do offer payment plans especially for the SEO to spread payments out over 6-12-18 months if more intensive work is required.

This will give you a starting point costwise, as I’m sure you have to talk to others.

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Regards Lynny
SEO San Diego

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