SEO costs more, becuase it's getting harder to do.

John a Search Engine Optimization Consultant in Seattle, Washington is one of my favorite SEO blog writers, he writes well, and wrote a very good post about how SEO is very more expensive as time goes by. He also wrote a very good article about advanced seo and what it actually is, which I will write more about here.

Just last week Google again changed the way they find the appropriate webpage for your searches, Google now scans blogs much better, because blogs are more likely to be up-to-date than a website, that may have been built 5 years ago, and be hopelessly out of date.

Remember Google isn’t particularly interested in your single website, they are only interested in giving their clients (searches) the most up-to-date and accurate information it can and if your site doesn’t cut it, then your site moves further down the search results.

Many of the old ways of doing SEO don’t work anymore. When I say old ways of doing SEO, I mean the techniques that did work, were quick and easy to do, and that most so-called SEO’s still do, which are actually just a waste of your money, and their time, but since they don’t actually keep up with what search engines are doing, they don’t actually know things are changing.

In the past week, I have had many arguments with people who profess to be SEO experts, pointing out how various techniques no longer worked, one particular techniques changed at least 4 months ago, while I was so unwell, yet I still knew about it. All 4 seo’s had to agree, because I proved it, that their skills were well behind the times.

The really good thing is that the tried and true ways of attracting more people to your website through search engines, are still working, it was the cheap easy and nasty ways that the search engines are finding ways to weed out the results generated from them.

So an SEO job, that 4 months ago, I might have quoted say $2000 to do, will now cost around $5000 perhaps even more, I’m more inclined to make at least 1 years contract to do SEO on a site these days, as the days of simply editing meta and alt tags have gone forever,(not that it was ever quite that easy) as both search engines, and other websites seo techniques are getting more advanced.

Only 2 years ago it was possible to get a website with almost any theme, ranking highly in search engines for a number of phrases, for around a $2500 price tag, today because so many other websites have had a lot of SEO work done to them, and the work that had been done to each website now has changed so much, and is so labor intensive that price tag is more likely to be costing at the very least $5500 and quite possibly around $10,000, and even then that would only be for the more obscure keywords.

I have had a lot of quote requests from SEO websites recently, meaning websites that offer SEO services, are actually coming to me, asking me how much to make their website appear in search engines. One such company I suggested they go to an offshore SEO Company, as they work for penny’s an hour, and this clients budget was very low. They replied that they were in fact an a cheap offshore SEO company, and they had done everything they could think of, and still weren’t ranking well, and had now started to spend a lot of money on Google adsence to get any clients at all, and couldn't afford to pay for much SEO... interesting thinking, since good SEO is well known to be the the cheapest form of advertising …… need I say more…..

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