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What other reasons would you want to get advanced SEO done on your business website....

I won't show pictures this time, they would take up too much room, but you have seen other posts saying how I do the SEO for a Gift box and Hamper Website If you were that company, and you knew before you contacted me you couldn't find your website name in the 1st 20 pages of google, and yet now, 9months later you had at least

243 x #1 rankings on for various relevant words, I won't of course list them all, but heres a few relevant keywords and phrases that ranked #1 on page 1 of google.

gift alcohol
gift alcohols
gift bags +bulk
gift bags wholesale
gift basket business chat
gift baskets alcohol
gift baskets bulk
gift baskets darrell lea
gift baskets for guys
gift baskets with alcohol
gift box alcohol
gift box for alcohol
gift box wholesale
gift box wholesaler
gift box wholesalers
gift boxed alcohol
gift boxes by bulk
gift boxes in bulk
gift boxes two bottle cardboard wholesalers
gift boxes wholesale
gift boxes wholesale nz
gift for alcohol lover
gift for ladies
gift hampers for men
gift hampers wholesale
gift hampers with alcohol
gift items from nz
gift items to be delivered for men
gift items+ladies
gift of alcohol
gifts items for ladies
gifts of alcohol
gifts to be delivered to men
gifts with vodka
gin gift

that you had 43 x #2 rankings, 52 x #3 Ranked words, and 48 x #5 Ranked Words.

I took these words from the list of words on her statistics of keywords that actually were used to find her website last month. Over 750 different word combinations in all, but as I said any ranking lower the 5th place doesn't count with me. but the #1 rankings far outweighted all the other ranking upto 10th place.

Wouldn't that be worth it to see these sort of results, or more important for yout clients and completitors to see the list.

I've had emails from 3 giftbox businesses within the last week, asking about my services and how much it would cost, to get their sites doing as well as this one..... one business owner is frantic for my services, she sells something slightly different to my present client, so wouldn't compete for the same words, but I'll talk to my present client first, and see that I wouldn't be stepping on her toes if I were to take the job.

I must say, it is fun to be sort ofter. The most fun places to contact me are SEO firms, that want me to do their SEO, not seo for their clients, which I wouldn't mind if the pay was right, but but for the SEO company's own websites......cause they can't get any results for terms to do with SEO..... ok, I admit SEO, webdesign and website hosting are hard sites to optimise, but still it can be done.

Regards Lynny
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