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One of the best ways to get more people to your website, is to have more webpages from them to read and subjects that relate to your business. Also having links to your site from many places around the net from articles about your business.

Think about it if you have a 6 pages website just advertising your services then really speaking that's not a lot of words for google to read and index.

One way to do this is write artles, lot's of then, the more the better, and add then to your website, the pages themselves only need to linked to from your sitemap so google can find and read and index them and then have a link to your homepage on you articles. You can also submit these articles to article directory's, which will link back to your website giving you more links again.

The tricky part comes in with first finding the time to write the articles, and then writing them in such a way that search engines will rank them high enough for anyone to find them in searches. While it's true that even the worst written articles will get found, it only makes sence that the more times an article get's found, the more people you will have to your website.

So why not get someone else to do them for you, there are many people online called ghost or article writers that will write articles and many others that provide the service of rewritting these articles. theres a but here too.... many of the people that do this don't write English as there first lauguage and therefore the article come out just not reading smoothly.

I have found an article writter that write first class articles, on any subject you can think of, if she isn't familar with a subject she'll find a website that is, read what they have written, and then rewrite it so you would never guess that it had been written from the same article.

I've also found an English company that rewrites those articles again, so you can say 6 articles, on the same subject all read differently, you keep on article for your website, and have the other 5 submitted to article directory's.

Concidently I have found a place that will submit articles to the 200 top article directory's.

So you would end up with a great article on your website, and around 200 one-way links to your website, all you had to do if read the articles to make sure they information is correct to your business.

There are of course other options, the article writer to write 5 totally different articles, and but them all on your website, since article writers and rewriters charge about the same price.

So write to me, and I'll give you a price for the service, it's a lot less than you would think, since I have spent all the hours looking for these services, trying out different places and researching the service You can take advantage of all my knowledge.

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