Banner ads - Types of links, and how they work for SEO

There are several types of links, one in particular that that you maynot be aware of, that can work for you, helping your site pank well in SERPs.

Banner Ad's Links
Banner ads or links are the best known links, they are pictures that can be in many shapes and sizes, and their main objective, is to attract visitors to one site, to click on them, the resulting link usally opens in a new window and magics you away to another website.

Heres 2 typical Banner ads for our websites. These two banners particular shape is called a small skyscaper banner the pixel measurements are 120 x 240

Professinal design and developmentSEO by Canz

Standard Full Banner size: 468 x 60

Custom banners and web graphics

Standard Button size: 160 x 90

Hobits Hints

The prime reason for using banners or buttons is to entice clients to your website; there are several different sizes the advertising banners can come in, there’s a particularly good webpage that explains many of the standard sizes banners is also has popup templates for each size so you can compare sizes and even take copies of the templates to see what size best suits your and your advertisers needs. The site is well worth a visit.

CanzDesign also offers a web graphic and banner building service requested either by itself or with the website design and development services we offer.

Link exchanges or reciprobal links
But that’s not what the post is about, the point of this post is to inform you that these banners can be used in a few ways, either as link exchanges, where you and other similar themed website decide to exchange links, thinking that your visitors might find each other sites of interest. Unfortunately these types of links are usually stuck on an obscure page somewhere and you actually gain very few links from it. Since the webpage they appear on is usually at least 2 pages away from the main page, the chances of actually getting any useful page-rank passed on either.

Paid Links
These banners can and are often are used as paid links; this is where another site takes a fee, (and usually a pretty high fee too) to display your banner or button on some page or pages on their website. This is usually a month fee; I have heard of fee's as low as $350 and the highest one I have actually seen was for $7800 plus payment for each click per month. With this method of paying for advertising although the advert can appear on better pages and often in better positions, the downside is that as soon as the payments from you stop, your banner disappears (Rather like advertising in a newspaper).

So these banner ad;s have a place in advertsing, and if places on the right page, can sometimes bring in vsitors, but really don't help with SEO as such.

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