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I'm often asked how much for the best SEO I can offer, and my answer is usually, why how much do you have. The truth is the sky is really the limit when it comes to good seo, Advanced seo isn't really anymore different methods than medium rate SEO is just more of the same, much more. Am I confusing you again? For this example, I'll use keywords, instead of the correct phrase of keyphrases.

Say good but Minimumal SEO package costs $1500, plus $300 a month for a 1 year contract. $4800 Total.
Keyword Analyses
This would get you alsorts of keyword anaylyses for your website.
What keywords you want to do well in search engines for, what words your site is already attracting visitors for, and words that I research as actually being words people search for, this can often be three completely different lists of word.

Onpage Optimization
After deciding on say 15 various keywords I'd do various techniques which are generally referred to as onpage optimisation, in other words making all your website pages on your site has search engine friendly.

SEO Linking Campaign.
Find websites to link to your website, this is a long labourous job, but I would work on creating links with your site. There a special way of doing this, and also several different ways of doing it, but for this basic plan, I'd say 30 oneway links of value, to help increase your Page rank.

Report to you the owner.
I'd report to you the owner of the website as to how things were going, and get your feedback on how visitors and sales were increasing. For basic SEO, I'd probably report at least once a money.

Super Advanced SEO
Is all of the above, basically times the amount of money you wish to invest.
Say you have been advertsing in sereval different places online, doing an adwords campaign spending $5000 a month, having banner ad's on various large websites that and this costs you another $5000 a month, then theres places like yellowpages and the large paying directory's again $5000 a month.
All these forms of advertising are costing you $180,000 advertising a year which relively speaking isn't to bad for a large eccommerce website earning 10 million a year. That less than 10% of turnover. The big problem is once you stop paying for this advertsing you visitors also stop if you haven't had SEO work done in the meantime to force your website to rank well in search engines results.

SO what I would do is do all the anayleses just on a much larger scale, instead of researching 15 keywords, I would research and do all the rest of the SEO work for say 500 keywords.

Now you may think how 500 keywords is overkill, but thing aboout your search engine experience.

How search engines work:
Have you noticed that you can search for the sane 4 word phrase, but have the words in a different order, how the searchs results are different. Oh, this netter be another post, I can just tell you are getting confused. Let me make some screenshots to explain what I mean.

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