your webdesigner or webhost are you unhappy with them.

Many people don't realize that they can move there website whenever they like.

I know a fanatasic website host that charges less than $10 a month, $5.00 USD a month, and most websites in the world are actually hosted in Amercia, and it doesn't hurt their search engine ranking at all, even if they have a country specific website url.

Or they have a website designer, that gives lousey after sales service, or even part way through the site, you find you can't work with them, it's a very easy process to change website designers or website developers, you have hundreds of solutions. Thosands of them for bthe problems.

So if you are having problems with your webhost, or the place that hosts your website, or the person that originally built your website, then write to me, I will offer you our services for free, or for %50USD I'll take the time to write an email that offers you other options with other website hosts and website designers.

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