First in Google using SEO How?

How do I get our site in the first page using SEO?

That's the easiest question I have ever had, hire me, and I'll do it.Seriously, I will do it but it all depends on exactly what words or phrases you want to be on the 1st page,or #1 in search engines for. Some sites have some SEO done, and just need that extra hand to do better, so maybe hiring me at $300USD a month for 6 months or 1 year is all you need to do, I'll do offsite SEO, and get you raking highly for just a few words, or many words, it's your choice.

That's why it's so wrong really to have a set price list for SEO, since each site is different, and has its own needs. Even though I have an

SEO price list on my website, I still don't believe in them, but people want to know what they could be in for as far as an investment in SEO

There are also times, say when you have built your site in FrontPage as a try out, and you have seen the potential of a website. Then you would be better off to start afresh with a SEF CMS, or Search Engine Friendly Content Management System. The CMS means you can if you wish build the whole site yourself, or have us build a professional website,

and then you add your products as you want, or make changes to your pages as required.

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