SEO with a breastfeeding website.

I was approached recently by someone that wanted to do her own onsite SEO, just wanted to know what to do.

So we settled on a price, an upfront price, and six months of smaller payments, and now this site owner is as busy as a bee, doing all the onsite work required, all the repetitive work that takes so long to do. I can't keep up with her, she truly is an inspiration.

She's had the site for a few years, about 5 years I think.
She designed the first product a pure wool pads to help control leaks for breast feeding mums herself. Then went on to make hemp breast pads since they apparently absorb the leaks better….I'm not an expert in this sort of thing, my baby feeding days are well over.

The site has gone from strength to strength, she has about 100 different products onsite, and now with these changes she's doing she should be doing really well in search engines in a few months.

She is truly a pleasure to watch, I have known the owner through a bulletin board for a few years, and taken interest in her website, giving her a few hints with her old site.

The point is, the site wasn't an instant success, but she has kept at it, and made it a success, through pure sweat and I guess a few tears over the years.

She didn't just put the site up, and expect people to come and buy her goods, then "pack a sad" and give up when they didn't. She dug her toes in and made it a challenge to make her site work, she went on to think of new things to do like revamp the site, giving it new look, a better checkout system, went out on the internet, and got her site known through going to forums, she made her site work.

That is the sort of person you don't see often in the world of websites.

As I have said the site sells things for pregnant and breastfeeding mums, their babies and baby products, go on, go take a look, and if you are pregnant then definitely have a look, and buy something while you are there.
I certainly enjoy helping the owner of this site for mothers and their babies out.

I must say I would like to do more of this type of work, with people that already have built their own sites and are happy with them, but just want help with the SEO. I think I'll limit it to those people that have shown they won't give up, and owned a site for a few years, but still I'd like to do this type of work more.

I will not give me hard-earned expertise away for nothing, but the owner of this site has saved herself about $2500 by doing it herself. Way to go Frances from !!!!!

Oh, and she's started a new blog, check it out at specialty breastfeeding online store blog.

Regards Lynny
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