Duplicate content why it doesn't work

Many website owners, find it hard and time consuming to find linking partners, so decide on another option, which is creating many websites, and then linking them all to each other. This sounds like a good idea, and it would be good idea if each site had different content.

Creating new websites with new content is very time consuming, and although we did it, we started out with www.canzdesign.com then found we were getting too many hints and tips, so decided to open a subdomain called Hobit's hints, the the SEo was taking over the site, so we created SEObyCanz then of course there is this blog, and a couple of other blogs, all these sites have different content, and thats the way it should be.

However most people don't want to spend the time creating new websites, and will just buy several domain names, and but the same site up, just under a different name, one client we had, had over 30 domain names, and the exact same site, he didn't even bother to change the SEO, or the banner on the site. His thinking was, all those sites all pointing to his one main site would make it rank so much better.....

Let me tell you, google, and other search engines aren't stupid, if they are at a site, and go to another site that is all the exact same, even the images are the exact same size, they aren't going to see that as a new site.

If you think it might be worth having duplicate sites or several sites then be warned, duplicate sites will not rank highly, only the site google see's as the original will do well. And if you have a main site, and then give it a makeover, google will see that site as a site with New content, and then rank one of your older sites as the main site.

You are by fair better to devide your site into subdomains, each subdomain linking to the other subdomain and the main domain.

EG: we have just accepted a contract for a site selling Vegetarian Shoes. Once the site is up and running, I would suggest to the owner, that if they wanted to say have a section for articles about vegetarian life, that she make a subdomainm then later is she wanted vegetarian reciepes, add another subdomain, then another for other vegetarian products, this way they can be all linked to each other, and in this way build up a good ranking. Of course this is a lot of work, but lets face it websites, or successful website are a lot of work. It's not just a case of building a website, and making millions.

Cheers Lynny
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