Virtual Assistants

I've been appoached by a vitual assitant, wanting her website redesigned and SEO done.

I haven't come across anyone before that had a name for doing almost anything. It seems like a worthwhile service to offer.

Makes sence to me anyway, we have quite a few parttime staff that help with different things to do with websites and SEO, well a virtual assistant works helping out with accounts, tax, even proofreading, they take your draft copy's of anything it seems and email you back something ready to send to your account, or print and send out.

The beauty of it is, you don't pay them to sit and play cards, or chat online, you just pay for work done. Take a look at the site we will be rebuilding.

Virtual Assistant
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Working virtually from our offices we provide fast, efficient and cost effective administrative solutions for your business. Free no obligation quotes.

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