Sleazy SEO's Tricks 2

This story is an all-too-common one.

Making the google page rank the highest it can be is the hardest job for an SEO to do. It takes many many hours of work. And the higher the page rank is, the higher the website will rank for popular keywords.

I have seen many many SEO's that have made deals with the owners of large websites with High Page ranks, that allow the SEO can add links to their clients website, passing the high Pagerank along the SEO's client. The owners of the big sites can get paid upwards of $800 a month for these links which is pretty good money, when you think that they could have 10 or 20 different links from the same SEO.

Anyway, these same SEO's charge many thousands of dollars to their clients to first raise their Page Rank, when all they did was add the link to say 20 pages of the high ranking website, then $2000-4000 each month to upkeep the SEO for the site.

The problem comes when the website owner doesn't want to keep paying the $2000-4000 then suddenly the links are gone from the high ranking website, the page rank of the website drops, and suddenly they can't find their website in search engines.

What choice does the website owner have but to go back to the SEO, who has by then raised their prices, and ask them to take them back on as clients. I have talked to people of SEO forums that have spent 30-40 thousand dollars in the past 12 months, just getting the SEO to take them back on as clients.

When I do SEO for a client, I make sure that the work I do will last for years after I stop doing the SEO. The only time they might lose a position is when a website selling the exact same thing get's there website SEO'ed. I have two sites that sell gemstones that I do SEO for and I make sure they will both get high ranking for different keyphrases, so they don't conpete with each other.

It would be very easy to do SEO for 20 or so sites that have the exact same product, and not have them competing in search engines.

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