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I thought I would share some of the sleazy tricks I have known some SEO's to do.

The first one I got really angry when I saw it, was an add-on a hire a cheap labour website, the add said something like.

I need several people to click on links to websites, you will be give a webpage with a list of links, all you need to do, is go to the page, click on the list of links, close the page, open it again and click on the list of links, and get paid 1 cents for each click...later in the add it said you could site and click on links all day it you wanted too, and told you how much you could earn in 10 hours. which was something like $10 a day.

I was intrigued, and decided to find out about the people who wrote the advert, they were a biggish SEO company.

Even more interested I applied for the job, and found out that this page with links, had been designed so every time it opened it would desguise the IP address of the person clicking, so each time the clicks were done, they looked like they were coming from a new person, in a different country.

I complained, but they said they had over 50 people from India that were happy to earn $10 a day, and if I didn't want to that was fine..... I wished later that I had gotten that list of link and contacted the website owners, to show them how all the new visitors their website was getting weren't real, but of course hindsight is a fine thing.

regards Lynny
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