Accomodation websites, A study of who searches for what

What people search for looking for accommodation website?

I have been doing research for an SEO job I will be doing shortly for and found some interesting results.

You would think - or I did - that hotel and motel would rank the highest for searches for accommodation. WRONG...

Although hotel outranks everything I searched for,(and I searched for 20 different types of accommodation) motel was actually the least searched for, often as little as or less than Bed and Breakfast. The general results were as below, although Resort and Inn swapped places depending on what county was being analysed.





Check out the pictures below(click on picture for large view) for results for searches in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United Sates.

Take a look at what people search for when looking for a Bed & Breakfast to stay in on their holiday or vacation

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