Black Hat SEO vs Sleazy SEO

There’s another type of SEO, which is called blackhat SEO, if the owner knows it's going on, and sleazy SEO if the website owner doesn't know about it.

Blackhat SEO is SEO that works, unless Google finds out you are doing it, but is considered cheating. This site I talk about has been doing it for at least 5 years that I know about and has never changed the page.

The "blackhat SEO" technique I'm talking about is when someone adds keywords or key phrases that are the same color as the background to a page, take a look at the front page of this site
natures pic. com take out the spaces, I don't want to give them a link :(

When the page opens, do a control A on your keyboard which means "select all" and see all those keywords down each side of the page? That when you unselected aren't visible , this is a blackhat SEO technique that is often used to help a site rank better for a particular or several keywords or phrases.

I first come across this website when I was doing SEO on our photo bank, as I couldn't understand why it was doing so well for a particular phrase that I was trying to do well in too.
I have heard that if Google becomes aware of a site doing this it will be blacklisted, I have never known of a case where this has happened, but it has been reported several times on forums, of course once the site is gone, it's too late to see it lol.

There are better ways that are called "whitehat SEO" of getting a site ranking well that aren't cheating, but I thought I would show you techniques that are used by some SEO's, that could possibly get a site taken out of search engines, and where the owner of the website didn't even know it was happening.

So if you have had SEO done on your site, it pays to do this little check hopefully before you pay your SEO, and be warned if your SEO has done this, as - in all probability - they have used other blackhat techniques that may get your site banned.

Cheers Lynny

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