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Hi Steve.

I just checked out an SEO here in San Diego seobythehour.com that is using adwords to get clicks to their website… check out the daily budget at the top between 1 and almost 10 grand a day….. if you knew how much they were spending on adwords themselves make you want to use their service? 

I'm tempted to ring them up and ask if they would like SEO done on their own site… I'm beating them in organic searches everywhere and have never or would never waste my money on adwords as you know.  

This site I use to get adwords budgets is very accurate in my experience, I have often used it on websites that ask me to do SEO, or their competitors websites just to see what they are spending on adwords.

But Steve…. would you want to hire an SEO firm that spent this much on Google adwords, to get your click, it doesn't say much for their SEO skills I would think…Interestingly enough the way I saw this ad was doing a search for freelance SEO, must be a Rich person to spend this much on SEO and not be a company huh.

Note the bottom statistic, 3,550 paid for clicks, and 0 organic clicks a day, shows how badly the site is ranking huh…

Regards Lynny

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