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Wow, world,  I need a break. I've been so busy recently, I have almost 80 yes eighty or so blogs on about 5 different subjects among them Chiropractic themed sites, that I'm now managing, many are my own blogs here on blogger, but also I'm managing the blogs owned by my SEO clients.

Blogs are a great way to advertise your business, if done the correct way, can make your website more important in search engines. 

Recently I have taken a new direction with SEO, and I've started working for Chiropractics, I have 2 chiro's in the same office here in San Diego, one in Reno and one in Columbus Ohio and a couple thinking about using my services one in Sydney Australia and the other is Singapore. 

Doing SEO for Chiropractics is really cool, firstly the chiropractics themselves, and really nice guys, (I only have guys so far) earthy grounded types, that are interested in your health as a whole, and while I don't like saying holistic, is really the only word that describes them.

Doing SEO for a specific type of client has been a dream of mine for many years, and one that's coming to fruition in San Diego, starting with the Chiropractic that got me painfree after too many years to count.

One of my San Diegian Chiros has a talent for writing, and I'm going to start selling original chiropractic articles, that the buyer could use on their website, or for article submission, for newsletters,on their blogs etc.

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