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I've been working for several Chiropractors of late, doing seo for their sites, and have noticed a problem, which although on the surface is specific to Chiropractors, when you look at the problem generally it's common to hundreds of different websites.

All Chiropractics that I have spoken to agree, they would like to specialize or at least work a lot more with car accident injury patients, whiplash responds extremely well to chiropractic treatment. 

Yet even though they want to work with this type of patient, usually their websites or webpages are not at all optimize for whiplash. Usually whiplash will be mentioned along with a list of other services they offer, and only on about 1% of sites do chiropractors even have a page that is directly aimed at car accident victims. Of those 1% of website that actually have a page about whiplash, I've yet to see that that page is is actually optimized for search engines or the word whiplash, or car accident treatment or anything along these lines.

So the chances of a potential whiplash patient ever finding their website are fairly limited, and for the other 99% of Chiropractors that just mention they work with whiplash patients, alongside headaches and neck and back-pain, they will never be found in search engines. They are counting on visitors clicking on their services page.

You have to have a web-page that is about whiplash, and preferably 1 page for each whiplash symptom or issue in order to get visitors from search engines.

The general population is not even aware that chiropractic care is even an option for whiplash symptoms, so chiropractic's need to educate the general public. To do this, they need pages on their website or blog, explaining the different whiplash symptoms, and how chiropractic can help. The more pages the better.

From my experience with other websites, a page will have to be read about 100 times in order to get one customer, so if a chiropractic has a list of say 10 types of treatments they offer, whiplash being one of them, the page will have to be viewed about 1000 times before they can hope to get one whiplash patient. So if a chiropractors website had 10 pages about whiplash and symptoms and treatment of whiplash, just by having correctly optimized pages, they would get more visitors, and therefore get more patients.

The Answer: Add several pages or blog posts about the different whiplash symptoms to a website or blog, optimize them correctly, and chiropractics will start receiving the patients they are wanting. 

The next problem. Most Chiropractics I have spoken to are great Chiropractors, but aren't good at writing, so where do all these pages about whiplash come from? Writing Search engine friendly content is not something just anyone can do.
Just copying information from elsewhere on the internet, besides being illegal won't work. Also much of what is written online is meant for chiropractics to read and understand, not for general Joe Public...
A chiropractic would be better to get something written for them exclusively... however this will cost a fortune usually $250+ per article.

I have a chiropractic a fine writer, that has agreed to write, for a start, a series of 10 unique articles about various aspects of whiplash, and how chiropractic treatments can help, which I'm offering for sale in bundles of 3 articles, for $225. These articles can be used to add to a website, or on a chiropractic blog that is for a specific chiropractic office.

Contact me at using the subject "Buy Whiplash Articles" and we'll discuss your purchase. Articles will be unique to your website, and I will not sell the same articles again.

Of course I'd be happy to do Search engine optimization on your website or blog as well, but this offer of articles specially about whiplash is a stand alone offer, if you are happy optimizing your own site, or are an SEO for a chiropractor, then you can buy these one off articles, and use them on a website or blog for one chiropractic office.

I have several hundred articles about other aspects of chiropractic treatments, that I'm also selling, and articles that are not unique and have been used on other blogs which of course cost much less....

so just ask if you are looking for articles about anything chiropractic. Or visit this blog specifically about SEO for Chiropractics and see other article buying options some usage rights are as little as $10 per use.

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