Panda Anti-Virus 2010 Big Problems

Downloaded Panda Anti-Virus 2010 Installed on one computer in the office running Vista (whatever the most expensive version is), of course the main computer, and since then theres been nothing put problems.

The computer tech is very savy, but even after assigning premissions in Panda Anti-Virus 2010  for email and browsers wouldn't work, along with any other program we tried to open, even photoshop wouldn't open... anything that had auto updates or any update settings... even though permissions had been reset. 

after about 8 hours of fighting, finally did a system restore, which took 5 different trys before it would work, and although system restore said it worked, now Panda 2009 isn't working either, files are missing all over the place, won't even start, everything is grayed out.

So the main computer now has no internet access, while the tech tries to find the missing files, from system restore and is too worried to go online with protection. Of course since panda isn't working, the tech can't even update the version she has....

So much for making restore points before installing anything, this time it didn't do any good at all.

Might pay to wait a while before installing Panda Anti-Virus 2010 theres obvious some issues with it and at least Vista.

Regards Lynny

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