Google Maps Scam Spam phone call

Don't be fooled, 
Google never rings you even if you beg them too.....

Theres a new scam happening in at California at least, but probably will be happening everywhere soon.

The scam starts as a recorded phonecall, saying something like
 Google is updating it's google maps database... blah blah.
If you save your google maps listing, and don't want it deleted by google, press #1

Theres something in the message that insinuates that this is google calling you...

If you do press 1 you get a highpowered sales person, who is actually nothing to do with google at all, and yet doesn't actually say that...even when directly asked,  they try to sell you better google maps listings for your business.

Don't be fooled, Google never rings you even if you beg them too..... even if you pay them to ring you they won't, and many times even the google maps verification phonecall doesn't come.

So don't get sucked into buying this service, it's a scam. Google is not updating it's google maps listings yet, even though they should IMHO.

I just happened to be at a clients office the other day when this scam spam phonecall arrived, and I was given the phone so I could speak to google.... I was so mad at the scam I hung up before I found out what the name of the company was, cause the highpowered sales person wouldn't actually say who the company was....

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