Fertility, Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, Baby

Fertility, Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, Baby:

"8 Things To Consider When You Want Another Baby
When You Want Another Baby 8 Things To Consider

Even if you thought you would never step foot in the delivery room again (or, prop them up, actually), the desire to bear the baby bulge is different for everyone. The urge to have children can come from wanting to give your child a sibling, the love of being parents, or even the need to 'carry on your legacy.'

But, what if you can't, or shouldn't, yet that longing for another baby just won't go away? Whether you have one child and are wishing for another or you have five kids and just can't stop thinking about the sixth, sometimes the need to breed just won't take its leave."

8 Things To Consider When You Want Another Baby

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